You want to hire a professional painting service for interior painting in Tucson. Interior House Painting is Harder than You Might...

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Exterior painting is best handled by a professional company like ours.  And if you haven't painted your home in five...

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A professional painter in Tucson brings a lot of skills to your painting project.  Why? Because painting projects are more...

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We called iPaintHomes when we were looking for a painter for a remodeling project in Tucson. The painter was on time, detailed and clean. The project was completed as promised at the price quoted...everything we were looking for in a painting company.
Mike Carbal
As a property investor, we rely on quality contractors to finish projects quickly and on budget. iPaintHomes is on our short list of excellent contractors. Highly recommended.
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You want to hire a professional painting service for interior painting in Tucson.

Interior House Painting is Harder than You Might Think

Painting a room in your home is easy. All you need to do is move some furniture or put some plastic sheeting down, pick out your paint, grab a roller and a brush and you’re good to go. Right? Wrong. First off, here are some questions to think about. What’s the square footage of the room you want to paint? What sort of finish do you want for your paint job? Do you have any vaulted ceilings? What sort of prep work are you going to need to do before you start to paint? What tools will you need to paint the room you’re looking at? Don’t know? Just as is the case with exterior painting, you want to hire a pro to do your painting for you.

As a professional house painter in Tucson, this is our job to know this sort of thing. We can tell you for example, exactly how much paint you’re going to need for a room that’s 800 square feet, and how to paint a vaulted ceiling among other things, like which sort of paint finish to apply. A lot of people will try to save money and paint their home on their own, only to find they ended up spending more than they would have if they had just called a professional house painter like us in instead. One problem that a lot of homeowners run into is the tools and equipment they’ll need, as well as the knowledge of how to use them.

Some painting tools are universal, even if you’re not a painting contractor. Rollers are a safe bet, as are different sizes of brushes and paint trays, however, there are scrapers that you’re going to need to remove loose and/or peeling paint from plaster, wood, or other surfaces. You’re going to need a putty knife to apply filler or to scrape away any loose paint. You’re also going to need some spackling paste to fill in any nail holes and small pits or blemishes in your walls. Got different grits of sandpaper? You’re going to need them to either texture your surface so the paint will stick, and to remove any imperfections. You’re also going to need masking tape to protect your trim and window panes from paint. In addition, you’re going to need: a paint guide, a roller tray and grid, a brush comb, drop cloths, and other painting equipment.  However, this is just the equipment you will need to paint.  It doesn’t give you the knowledge of how to properly paint a ceiling,  or more importantly, your paint finish.

Your Painting Contractor and Paint Finishes

Which paint finish should you put on a bedroom wall? Flat? Eggshell? Semi-gloss? Gloss? What’s the difference? Ok, let’s start with flat. Flat finish, or matte finish as it is also known as, has the least amount of shine. It’s great for walls that have bumps and other imperfections, but not great for high traffic areas like bathrooms or kitchens as it is not that stain resistant. Eggshell paint finish has a bit more luster than flat finish does, so it’s often used in high traffic areas like kids rooms, the kitchen, etc. It’s also known as satin finish. Semi-gloss is tougher, has more shine, and is even more stain resistant than eggshell is, however, the drawback to it is that it shows every imperfection. IT’s not good for textured wall surfaces as a result. The final type of paint finish is gloss finish. Gloss finish should largely be reserved for door and window trim, however, you can use gloss finish on walls as well for a more glamorous look. Gloss is the highest level of stain-resistant paint. Picking the right paint finish is something else that we can help you with because of our experience as professional painting contractors.

Remember, there is the illusion of saving money and actually saving money. You can save money by buying the paint yourself, that is until you start realizing that your paint is just one part of what you need. Your best bet is to call us, your professional house painting contractors in Tucson.


Exterior painting is best handled by a professional company like ours.  And if you haven’t painted your home in five or more years, it may be time.

Exterior House Painting in Tucson

Does your house need a paint job? Interior painting lasts a lot longer, particularly in areas that are low-use; the outside of your home is a different matter, however.  If you’re looking to save money, chances are that you’re thinking about painting it yourself.  That may not be your best choice.

Exterior house painting in Tucson is not as easy as it looks. First off, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time up on a ladder.  How high is the outside of your home? A one story ranch home is fairly early; however, older, taller homes should be handled by a pro. Look at a large Victorian home for example.

Multiple wings means a lot of time up and down on ladders applying paint. Any intricate or elaborate embellishments or decorations? If so, accessibility will be an issue, and you’re going to have to contact a painter that specializes in specialty jobs. Ladders just won’t be enough. You might need a cherry picker or a scaffold.  What a lot of the do it yourself crown fail to realize is that they’re probably going to have to call us instead for examples such as this. Here is a guideline: Straight walls on a simple, box-shaped house are easy. Irregularly shaped homes on the other hand tend to be more time-consuming and complicated for a normal consumer. Call us instead.

Painting isn’t easy.  It is hard work, particularly considering Tucson’s high summer temperatures. Any house painting project requires you to ask a bunch of questions before you begin.

How much preparation are you going to need to do before you paint your home? Examine your house for potential problems that may require addition prep time. Do you have any wood rot? What about peeling or mildew? Alligatoring on your siding? Any cracked window panes? What about loose or missing caulking around the trim? Do you have lead paint? If your home was painted before 1978 there’s about an 80% chance that your paint contains lead. If you decide to paint your home yourself, you will have to learn about how to handle and/or remove lead paint safely. If you’re familiar with solving problems like these, you also probably know that you might need a few days to remedy these and other painting problems and potential situations that might arise. Another option might be to consider just hiring a profession house painter to fix any extensive issues before you get started.

Even if you have a small home, exterior house painting needs to be done perfectly or the end result will be shoddy and could cause you a bit of trouble. IF you get the wrong paint, or hire someone simply because they work for cheap, you may find yourself in trouble with your HOA.

They can legally fine you if your paint starts to flake, scale or peel. What can you do, short of shelling out a lot of money to contest it in court? Call us and get professional painting results.

Paint Your Home in Tucson The Right Way: Call Us

If you have painting experience, then you probably can do any sort of painting job there is.   However, most people don’t have that kind of knowledge.  For example, a lot of homeowner’s associations restrict your use of color and even paint type.  Can you be sure that the paint you bought at your local home improvement center is the right type?  How do you know you haven’t bought an interior gloss paint that’s meant for a bedroom or family room instead of the outside of your home.

As a professional painting service in Tucson, we will not only put your paint on the right way, we’ll make sure that we treat your home as if it is our own.  We’ll make sure that we tape your home properly, and protect your plants and sidewalks. And you also have to understand one fundamental truths regarding painting. Some houses are more difficult to paint than others.

So remember. You want to stay in the rules of your neighborhood. You want to make sure you’re safe. And you want to make sure that your paint job looks great when you’re done. All very good reasons to call us. We are your professional exterior painter in Tucson.


A professional painter in Tucson brings a lot of skills to your painting project.  Why? Because painting projects are more than you might think, especially specialty painting projects

Hire a Specialty Painting Contractor for Cabinet Painting

Specialty painters do more than just paint the walls of your home, either inside or out.  They also do a bit of specialty painting.  For example, look at at cabinet painting.  Painting kitchen cabinets is, like any painting job, in that it seems simple at first glance. But mastering the perfect paint job as well as paint finish is more than just dabbing a brush here and there.

Like exterior painting, it’s all in the prep work. Before your brush ever even comes near your cabinet doors, there has to be a lot of time devoted to getting the surface ready to accept paint. That means properly cleaning, sanding, and priming every inch of the surface, or you have a good chance of the paint not sticking to the surface.  Let’s start with cleaning

Cleaning is the most important step in the cabinet painting process. Years of greasy fingerprints and stove splatters can leave a layer of grime that inhibits paint adhesion. Use a good de-greaser to clean it first. After that, you’ll need to rough up the surface with some 100-grit sandpaper to help the paint stick. Next, there is the issue of primer.

As a professional specialty painter in Tucson, we know that to get that truly glassy finish, the primer has to be applied to the cabinet.  That will bring the shine to the surface.  When the painting actually begins, cabinet doors should be removed and hinges should be properly taped up to avoid them getting painted as well.

That’s the clear way to tell if your cabinets have been painted by a professional or an amateur.  But it isn’t just cabinets or interior painting finishes that separates the pro’s from the wannabes.

Your Professional Painting Contractor in Tucson

Some paint jobs are tougher than you might think. Look at lattice patio covers and gazebos for example. They often require a combination of painting with a sprayer while finishing up with a brush. Textured surfaces and exterior touches such as filials and stucco walls are often harder to paint than you might think as well. In case you don’t know what filials are, they are those metal spires that sit on the peak of your roof. Most of them are bare copper, but some of them are pained to match the trim of your home. There are other embellishments as well that are found on even tract houses that sometimes make painting a challenge to someone other than a professional painting contractor like us. Look at unusually shaped windows or decorative touches on the outside, as well as the inside of the home. Cornices for example can be a particular challenge.

So as you see, it is all in who you get on your side. It’s up to you. You can attempt to do it yourself and then realize you could have saved a bunch of money just by calling a professional painting contractor instead.